History of Morphett Vale Railway

MVRail was founded on 24th July 1977. After a short period, suitable land to establish the railway was found at Wilfred Taylor Reserve, Morphett Vale, and a lease negotiated with the Noarlunga City Council, (now City of Onkaparinga).

Basic facilities and a simple track layout were constructed initially. Over the past 10-15 years the railway has undergone rapid expansion with the construction of a
Signal Cabin, numerous workshop extensions, and track and rollingstock improvements.

Today, MVRail boasts around 40+ items of rollingstock and around 2kms of new and refurbished track. Additionally, a semi-automatic, fully interlocked, colour-light
signalling system has been installed; this is based upon prototype practice.

The rollingstock fleet consists of 4 diesel locomotives, numerous maintenance wagons and a large passenger car fleet. MVRail does not own any steam locomotives.
Other highlights include the large lattice girder bridge, (known as Algebuckina Bridge), which crosses Christies Creek. This bridge is over 40 metres in length and is the highest (and longest) public miniature railway bridge in South Australia.

Additional features include Turntable and Traverser facilities, clubrooms, workshops, two-storey Signal Cabin and railway station.