MVRail complies with the standards and regulations as required by the Australian Association of Live Steamers for 7¼ inch passenger carrying railways. (NARROW GAUGE standard).

In conjunction with this, MVRail has developed certain standards for its system with respect to permanent way, signalling and rollingstock.
MVRail has also established its own specific operating rules and regulations as per its Members Handbook. This is approved by Workplace Services.

The Handbook outlines MVRail’s General Rules, Constitution, Guidelines and Operating Rules. All members are issued with a copy of the Handbook and this ensures the railways’ standards in all facets of its operations are maintained.


Effective signals are a key part of the safe operation of all railways including MVRail. Our signals are based upon SA Railways practice. The signals at the western end of the track are automated and you can see them change as the first wheel of a train touches the sensor.

The signals around the station are controlled by the signalman.